Life Insurance

Why buy life insurances?

One of the most misunderstood things about Life Insurance is the purpose that it is meant to serve. Life Insurance can actually serve different purposes depending on the type, and the need that one is trying to serve. For example, Term Life Insurance is much cheaper but not meant to last forever. It is primarily used to cover large financial obligations like mortgages, large debts, and income replacement for dependants in the case of your premature death. On the other hand, Permanent Insurance plans like Whole Life are used to prepare for Estate Management, Final Expenses, Wealth Transference, and is even used in complex tax strategies.

Universal Life Insurance

Why buy Universal Life Insurance?

Universal Life Insurance is a very unique insurance product. It ties in Life Insurance with a basket of Investments that your Advisor will help you decide on. The purpose for Universal Life Insurance is a mix between Financial Security and Investment Diversification. It is slightly more complex of a product, as it has several different strategies and purposes for it’s use. 

Critical Illness Insurance

Why buy Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical Illnesses are an unfortunate situation at any age, and especially problematic during our working years. Even though we have a great healthcare system in Canada, it doesn’t cover the income that is lost and related expenses that arise from the situation. A Critical Illness policy provides that exact protection. It pays a lump sum in the event of any major illness or catastrophic injuries. 

Disability Income Insurance

Why buy Disability Income Insurance?

Disability Income Insurance is exactly as it sounds. Have you ever thought what happens to the standard of living for you and your family in the event that you can no longer work for whatever reason? Well Disability Income Insurance replaces that income up to the amount that you choose to insure yourself up to, for the duration that you decide at the time of purchasing the policy. We typically recommend benefit period to age 65. It is also important to note that most disability plans through work (if offered) have dollar and benefit period limitations. 

Individual Health and Dental Benefits

Why buy Health and Dental Benefits?

Health and Dental Benefits are enjoyed by everybody that has them, but not everybody has policy that offers all the benefits that your family may need, and sometimes it benefits not offered at all. Individual Health and Dental plans are an effective method to permanently do cost control on prescription needs and health services.

Employee Benefits aka. Group Benefits

Why should business owners consider Group Benefits for employees?

Group Benefits are a great way to maintain good culture amongst team members. Studies have shown that employees will generally take a robust Group Benefits package over a $10,000 annual increase in wage/salary. This means it saves the business money and makes the employees feel a sense of satisfaction, which makes it a wise investment to consider